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  1. Feds hunt for fraud at National Sports Collectors Convention
  2. Police hit the streets with Freedom Packer cards
  3. Create Your Own Trading Cards Featuring Your Kids with Big in Japan's SportsStar
  4. NBA Superstar Kobe Bryant and Panini Announce Exclusive Trading Card Agreement
  5. 2009 Topps National Chicle Football
  6. The Baseball Card Industry is in a Serious Slump
  7. 2009 eTopps Football cards are available
  9. Dallas Cowboys Patrick Crayton Signs Free Autographs to Celebrate 10th Anniversary of NFL Player of the Day
  10. Bryant signs deal as trading card company spokesman
  11. Win your Big Ball Trading Cards Collectors Folder!
  12. Card Collecting Becoming a Dying Hobby
  13. Topps 2010 Baseball Card Design
  14. Sports Cards on the Decline? Guess Again.
  15. Upper Deck Puts the NHL Rookies Through Book Camp Video No. 2
  16. Press Pass 2009 Trading Card Release Schedule
  17. Stolen trading cards were worth $40,000
  18. NFL Trading-Card Game to Make Fall 2010 Debut
  19. Ted Williams 1954 Baseball Card Stolen from New York Motel
  20. ANGILLY: 1972 all over again
  21. Upper Deck Pulls Back the Curtain on New Look 2010 Exquisite Baseball Set
  22. Josh McDaniels Football Card Selling Big....Sort of....
  23. Patrick Crayton Kicks Off 10th Annual NFL Player of the Day Program
  24. CSA Sports show this weekend in Chantilly
  25. Rookie Card Database launched by Old Cardboard
  26. Little League World Series Champs Get Their Own Upper Deck Baseball Cards
  27. Topps, Upper Deck settle baseball card lawsuit
  28. Topps Loses Players, Inc License
  29. Topps Unveils Obama's Rookie Card!
  30. 2009 TOPPS UFC Trading Cards 2nd Release Featuring Couture, Liddell, Gracie Now Available
  31. Card wars continue - NFL will dump Topps for 2010
  32. Free Super Strikes cards for EVERY reader
  33. GetFugu, Inc. Partners with Topps® for “Legends of the Game” Baseball Cards
  34. Eleventh Annual Teddy Bear Toss This Saturday
  35. Nederland man donates 'world-class' sports collection to teen group
  36. Major League Baseball Properties and the Topps Company sign exclusive Minor League Baseball Trading Card agreement
  37. For Kobe, it's all in the (trading) cards
  38. Upper Deck Stands by Tiger Woods
  39. Cleaning out clutter ~ Cards for cash
  40. Panini Offers a Bounty for Rare Manning/Brees Card
  41. 2010 Panini Certified Basketball
  42. Major League Baseball accuses Upper Deck of trademark infringement
  43. Beware of unlicensed Olympic trading cards
  44. Life-size Kobe Bryant Card Sets Guinness World Record
  45. Topps Million Card Giveaway
  46. Topps Baseball Cards Target 'Aging Boys', 30-60 Years Old
  47. Beckett Media Announces Enhanced Sports Product Mix in 2010
  48. Claxton created an accidental legacy
  49. Apolo Ohno Trading Cards on the Rise
  50. UFC Trading Cards are now all the rage
  51. Message From Union Says Upper Deck Owes Players
  52. Topps and Bundesliga Agree To 4 Year Extension
  53. NFL Hall of Famer Blows the Whistle on Panini/Donruss
  54. In NHRA circles, there are Forces to be reckoned
  55. Topps offers a chance to win plasma TV
  56. Panini America Announces Multi-Year Trading Card Deal With NFL and NFL PLAYERS
  57. 2010 Bowman Stephen Strasburg Superfractor Rookie Card - $12k & Counting!!
  58. Press Pass Showcase 2010 Nascar
  59. Rare Aguilitas Segundas series lot sells at auction
  60. Tim Tebow trading cards rise in value
  61. Landon Donovan's Trading Card Gold
  62. Media Exchange Group Develops Digital Trading Card for Youth Sports Social Network
  63. Strasburg million dollar card goes to legitimate auction today
  64. Kobayashi beats Chestnut! In Hot Dog Eating Trading Cards!
  65. Alex Rodriguez has appeared on nearly 18,000 Trading Cards!
  66. Press Pass Legends Racing 2010
  67. John Wall's 1st NBA Rookie Card
  68. Strasburg trading cards do great business at national convention
  69. First Time Robert Horry Autograph Card
  70. Press Pass Legends Racing 2010 (see coupon at end)
  71. Press Pass 2011 NASCAR Trading Cards coming December 2010
  72. Subway stickers
  73. Panini America to Distribute Special 50th Anniversary Set at 2011 Industry Summit
  74. EVOLUTION - 2011 Upper Deck Football Brings You Top Rookies Before They’re Drafted
  75. Upper Deck Releases UNC Tar Heels Basketball Set
  76. Honus Wagner - Rare 1909 baseball card sells for $1.2M at auction
  77. Rice Krispies Olympic Cards
  78. Watch out for Auto Pen Autograph Cards
  79. Obsessed with 1964 Curt Flood Cardinals Baseball Card
  80. Mariners' K9 force honored with baseball cards