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robspromos 02-15-2010 09:19 AM

FOR TRADE: My Sell Sheet Trade List (robspromos)

Hi All,

These are all the Sell Sheets i have for trade.

This list will also give you an indication of some of the
Sell Sheets that are out there.

Some Sheets are hard to explain, espesially when it comes to folded ones, so if you have any questions please let me know.

Next challenge is to make a master list of all the sheets
i have in my collection.

007 40th Anniversary

4400 Season 2Inkworks

7th Sea, Scarlet Seas CCG (A4 Foldout)AEG
Abbot & CostelloDuoCards
Afl Heroes (A4 Foldout Poster)Hot Shots
AFL Team 2001 Game Cards (Small Size) Team Zone
AFL Team 2004 Game Cards (Small Folded) Team Zone
Alias, PremiumInkworks
Alias, Season 2Inkworks
Alias, Season 3Inkworks
Alien LegacyInkworks
American Pie, Baby Boomers Baseball Edition (Tri-Fold)Topps
Angel, Season 1Inkworks
Angel, Season 2Inkworks
Angel, Season 5Inkworks
Animal MysticComic Images
Archie ChromiumKrome
Areala Warrior NunBolt
Art of David NestlerStudio E
Art Suydam (A4 Foldout)FPG
Austin Powers, The Spy Who Shagged Me New Line
Austin Powers, The Spy Who Shagged Me CCGDecipher
Avengelyne Series 2 / Wildstorm Universe expansion CCGWildstorm
Babylon 5, Fleer/Skybox
Babylon 5, CompleteRittenhouse
Babylon 5, Crusade CCGPrecedence
Babylon 5, Masterpiece Collection CCGPrecedence
Babylon 5, Profiles (A4 Foldout)Fleer/Skybox
Babylon 5, Psi Corps CCGPrecedence
Babylon 5, Season 4Fleer/Skybox
Babylon 5, Season 5Fleer/Skybox
Babylon 5, Severed Dreams CCGPrecedence
Babylon 5, Special EditionFleer/Skybox
Babylon 5, The Great War CCGPrecedence
Babylon 5, Wheel of Fire CCGPrecedence
Barb WireTopps
Batman & Robin MovieFleer/Skybox
Batman & Robin, Adventures of, Action PacksSkybox
Batman Master Series Fleer/Skybox
Batman Master Series (A4 Foldout)Fleer/Skybox
Battlefield EarthUpper Deck
Battlestar Galactica, PremiereRittenhouse
Battlestar Galactica, Season 1Rittenhouse
Battlestar Galactica, Season 3Rittenhouse
BeatlesSports Time
Benchwarmer 2005Benchwarmer
Benchwarmer 2006Benchwarmer
Benchwarmer 2008Benchwarmer
Benchwarmer 97Benchwarmer
Benchwarmer Series 2 (A4 Folded Poster)Benchwarmer
Bernie Wrightson/Mike Ploog Fantasy Art Stickers/Dark AgeFPG
Betty BoopDart
Betty Boop Series 3Krome
Bionicle Bohrok Swarm (A4 Foldout) CCGUpper Deck
Bionicle Quest for the Mask Booster Packs TCGUpper Deck
Bionicle Quest for the Mask Rahi Attack TCGUpper Deck
Bionicle TCG (A4 Foldout)Upper Deck
Bionicle Toa Nuva Reconstruct TCGUpper Deck
Blitz ATP Tour WorldwideIntrepid
Bloodsucking Beasts from HellComic Images
Blue and the Gray, Civil War Art, Mort KunstlerKeepsake Collectibles
Bone DragonslayerComic Images
Boris with JulieComic Images
Boris, Best of (Tri-fold)Comic Images
Buffy CCG (A4 Folded Poster / Playmat)Score
Buffy CCG (Folded Play Mat)Score
Buffy CCG (Small Tri-Fold)Score
Buffy CCG Pergamum ProphecyScore
Buffy, 10th AnniversaryInkworks
Buffy, Big BadsInkworks
Buffy, ConnectionsInkworks
Buffy, Photo CardsInkworks
Buffy, ReflectionsInkworks
Buffy, Season 1Inkworks
Buffy, Season 2Inkworks
Buffy, Season 3Inkworks
Buffy, Season 4Inkworks
Buffy, Season 6 / Angel, Season 3 (A4 Foldout)Inkworks
Buffy, Season 7 / Angel, Season 4 (A4 Foldout)Inkworks
Buffy, The Story Continues…ikon
Buffy, The Story So Far…ikon
Buffy, Ultimate CollectionInkworks
Buffy, Women of SunnydaleInkworks
Butt-Ugly MartiansComic Images
Cardcaptors TCGUpper Deck
Cardcaptors, Series 1Upper Deck
Cardcaptors, TCGUpper Deck
Cast of ChaosKrome
Charmed, ConnectionsInkworks
Charmed, ConversationsInkworks
Charmed, DestinyInkworks
Charmed, ForeverInkworks
Charmed, Power of ThreeInkworks
Charmed, Season 1Inkworks
Chris AchilleosFPG
Chriss Achilleos Colossal CardsFPG
Chriss FossFPG
Christina AguileraUpper Deck
Christmas Trading CardsFleer
Civil War, Art of Mort KunstlerComic Images
Coca Cola ChristmasComic Images
Coca Cola Super PremiumCollect a Card
Comic Images SupremeComic Images
Conan, The Marvel YearsComic Images
CrimsonDynamic Forces
Crocodile HunterDart
Dark AngelTopps
Dark is RisingInkworks
Dart Flipcards, Sailor Moon/Gilligans Island/Mr Bean/MunstersDart
Dart Flipcards, The Munsters/Pepsi/Smokey BearDart
Dave Dorman, best of / Knights Bridge "Book"FPG
DC Amalgam (A4 Foldout)Fleer/Skybox
DC Amalgam (Fact Sheet)Fleer/Skybox
DC Amalgam (Letter Head)Fleer/Skybox
DC Overpower, Justice League CCGFleer/Skybox
DC VS System CCG (Small Tri-Fold)Upper Deck
Dead Zone,Seasons 1 & 2Rittenhouse
Die Another DayRittenhouse
Disney TreasuresUpper Deck
Dorian Cleavenger, Works and Visions ofComic Images
Double ImpactComic Images
Dragonball ChromiumJJP/Amada
Dragonball GT, Baby Saga (A4 Foldout Poster) TCGScore
Dragonball GT, Collectors Tin TCGScore
Dragonball GT, Shadow Dragon Saga TCGScore
Dragonball Z, Android Saga CCGScore
Dragonball Z, Collectible Tin TCGScore
Dragonball Z, FilmCardzArtbox
Dragonball Z, Senzu Blast CCGScore
Dragonball Z, Series 1 (A4 Foldout)Bird Studio
Elmore, Colossal CardsFPG
Elvira, Mistress of the DarkComic Images
Elvis Platinum, Volume 1Inkworks
Evil Ernie, master of AnnihilationKrome
Farscape in MotionRittenhouse
Farscape Season 2Rittenhouse
Farscape Season 3Rittenhouse
Farscape Season 4Rittenhouse
Farscape Through the WormholeRittenhouse
Film Frenzy CCGComic Images
Final Fantasy MovieComic Images
FPG's Fantasy Art Sticker Series / Guardians 2-PlayerFPG
Frazetta 2Comic Images
Frazetta, Best ofComic Images
G.I.Joe, 30th Salute (Tri-Fold)Comic Images
Galaxy of Sex SuperstarsHot Shots
Garfield ChromiumKrome
Garfield Series 2Krome
GhostComic Images
Godzilla, Supervue (A4 Foldout)Inkworks
Golden Age of ComicsComic Images
Golden CompassInkworks
Golf, 2001 Premiere Edition (Small Tri-Fold,Promo Card Removed)Upper Deck
Golf, 2001 Premiere Edition (Tiger Woods Window Cling A4)Upper Deck
Golf, 2002 "Play a Round of Golf with Tiger"Upper Deck
Golf, 2002 SP AuthenticUpper Deck
Golf, 2002 SP Game-Used GolfUpper Deck
Golf, 2003 RenditionsUpper Deck
Gone with the WindDuoCards
Greg & Tim Hildebrandt, separate & TogetherComic Images
Gross Out (Folded Poster)(K-Zone Magazine Exclusive)Kryptyx
Guardians CCG (A4 Foldout)FPG
Harry Potter, "On Sale Now" ,Store Hang Up TCGWizards
Harry Potter, League (A4 Foldout)Wizards
Heavy Metal, The Movie & MoreComic Images
Hellboy Essential Collection, VS System CCGUpper Deck
Hercules, Animated FeatureFleer/Skybox
Hercules, The legendary JourneysRittenhouse
Highlander, CompleteRittenhouse
Hot Shot 6 & Girl, Girl, Girls 4 in DoubleTakeHot Shots
Hot Shots, Emperors CollectionHot Shots
HulkUpper Deck
Hunchback of Notre Dame, Fleer/Skybox
I Love LucyDart
Independence DayTopps
Inline Hemp Cards, Series 2InLine
Instint / Earthquake CCGWizards
It’s a Wonderful LifeDuoCards
Jack Kirby, The Unpublished ArchivesComic Images
James Bond Connoisseur Collection (Tri-Fold)Inkworks
James Bond Connoisseur Collection Vol 1Inkworks
James Bond Connoisseur Collection Vol 2Inkworks
James Bond Connoisseur Collection Vol 3Inkworks
James Bond, Dangerous LiaisonsRittenhouse
Janesko SelectComic Images
Joe Jusko Collection 2 (A4 Foldout Poster)FPG
Julie Strain, Queen of the "B" MoviesComic Images
Jurassic Park 3Inkworks
Jurassic Park The Lost WorldTopps
Keith Parkinson Colossal Cards / Robh RuppelFPG
Kelly Freas / Femme Fatales MetallicFPG
Kingdom Come ExtraSkybox
Kiss 1Cornerstone
Kiss Alive / Ozzy OsbourneNeca
Lady Death 2Krome
Lady Death 3Krome
Lady Death Love BitesComic Images
Lady Death MegaKrome
Lady Death Night GalleryComic Images
Land Before Time, Series 1Kitchen Sink
Legend of the Five Rings, Spirit Wars (A4 Foldout) CCGWizards
LexxDynamic Forces
Lionel Legendary TrainsComic Images
Lord of the Rings ROTK Update EditionTopps
Lord of the Rings TCGDecipher
Lord of the Rings, Battle of Helms Deep TCG (Smaller Size)Decipher
Lord of the Rings, Fellowship Draft Pack TCG (Smaller Size)Decipher
Lord of the Rings, FOTR (A4 Foldout)Topps
Lord of the Rings, FOTR Update EditionTopps
Lord of the Rings, Mines of Moria TCGDecipher
Lord of the Rings, Race to Mount Doom TCG (Smaller Size)Decipher
Lord of the Rings, Realms of the Elf-Lords TCGDecipher
Lord of the Rings, ROTK (A4 Foldout)Topps
Lord of the Rings, Trilogy (A4 foldout)Topps
Lord of the Rings, Two Towers (A4 Foldout)Topps
Lord of the Rings, Two Towers TCG (Smaller Size)Decipher
Lost in Space, CompleteRittenhouse
Lost in Space, The MovieInkworks
Magi Nation Duel CCG (Foldout Smaller Size)IIC
Magic, Nemesis (A4 Foldout) CCGWizards
Magic, Saviors of Kamigawa, Arena League (A4 Foldout Poster)Wizards
Magic, Starter Level (A4 Foldout) CCGWizards
Magic, Unglued CCGWizards
Magic, WorldsWizards
Manchester United, "Trading Cards Sold Here"Upper Deck
Manchester United, 2001 - 2002Upper Deck
Manchester United, 2002 - 2003Upper Deck
Manchester United, Legends 2002Upper Deck
Mars Attacks, WidevisionTopps
Marvel Masterpieces 1995 (A4 Foldout)Fleer
Marvel Monumental Overpower CCGFleer/Skybox
Marvel MotionFleer/Skybox
Marvel Premium X-Men 97 TimelinesFleer/Skybox
Marvel QFXFleer/Skybox
Marvel The Silver AgeSkybox
Marvel VS Wildstorm (Smaller Foldout)Fleer/Skybox
Marvel X-Men 2099 OasisFleer/Skybox
Mask, The Animated SeriesInkworks
Matrix Reloaded / Matrix Revolutions ( Tri-Fold)Decipher
Medabots TCGUpper Deck
Melting Pot (Tri-Fold)Comic Images
Men in Black 2Inkworks
Michael Kaluta Series 2FPG
Michael Whelan 2, Other WorldsComic Images
MillerSports Time
Monsters Inc (Tri-fold)Topps
Mummy ReturnsInkworks
Naruto Secret WeaponsInkworks
Nira XBolt
Olivia 3 (Tri-fold)Comic Images
Olivia in OmnichromeComic Images
Olivia MetamorphosisComic Images
Olivia Obsessions in OmnichromeComic Images
Olivia, Best ofComic Images
Only the Best Fantasy & Sci-Fi Art, August FPG 1996FPG
Ophidian 2350 CCGFleer
Outer Limits, PremiereRittenhouse
Outer Limits, Sex,Cyborgs & Science FictionRittenhouse
Paul ChadwickFPG
Pepsi, Around the WorldDart
PhantomComic Images
Planet of the Apes ArchivesInkworks
Playboy Centerfold, December Edition (Folded Poster)Paradigm
Playboy Centerfold, July EditionSports Time
Playboy Centerfold, November Ediyion (Folded Poster)Paradigm
Playboy Centerfold, October Edition Paradigm
Playboy Centerfold, October Edition ( Folded Poster)Paradigm
Playboy Centerfold, September Edition (Folded Poster)Sports Time
Playboy Jenny (Folded A4)Paradigm
Playboy Pam Sports Time
Playboy Supermodels Lingerie (Folded A4)Paradigm
Playboys Centerfolds of the Century (A4 foldout)Stellar
Playboys Lingerie, 100th issueStellar
Playboys VixensStellar
Poison ElvesComic Images
Pokemon 2000, The MovieTopps
Pokemon Chrome Series 2Topps
Pokemon Series 3 "On Sale Here" (A4 Folded)Topps
Pokemon, Aquapolis (A4 Folout Poster) TCGWizards
Pokemon, Ex Legend Maker (A4 Foldout) TCGNintendo
Pokemon, Ex Sandstorm (Smaller Than A4 Foldout) TCGNintendo
Pokemon, Ex Unseen Forces (A4 Foldout) TCGWizards
Pokemon, Skyridge (A4 Foldout) TCGWizards
Prince Valiant (Tri-fold)Comic Images
Quotable 007Rittenhouse
Razor ChromiumKrome
Razor GothicKrome
Robots The MovieInkworks
Rocky Horror Picture Show, 20 YearsComic Images
Roswell Season 1Inkworks
Royo, Secret DesiresComic Images
Rudolf The Red Nosed ReindeerDart
Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, Hobby VersionDart
Sailor Moon (Version 1) CCGDart
Sailor Moon (Version 2) CCGDart
Sailor Moon, Past & Future Expansion CCGDart
Salvador DaliComic Images
Scooby Doo, Movie StoryInkworks
Scooby Doo, Mysteries And MonstersInkworks
Scorpion KingInkworks
Shi Mega ChromiumKrome
Shi Visions of the Golden EmpireComic Images
Shi, All ChromiumKrome
Shrek Dart
Shrek the ThirdInkworks
Silly CD's (Ripped)Silly Productions
Simpsons Anniversary CelebrationInkworks
Simpsons ManiaInkworks
Six Million Dollar Man, CompleteRittenhouse
Skeleton WarriorsFleer
Skyborg, Into the VortexSkybox
SlayersComic Images
Sleepy Hollow Inkworks
Small Soldiers (A4 foldout)Inkworks
Smallville, Season 1Inkworks
Smallville, Season 2Inkworks
Smallville, Season 3Inkworks
Space JamUpper Deck
Spawn the Movie (Poor Condition) (A4 Foldout)Inkworks
Spawn The Toy FilesInkworks
Spiderman 97 Fleer UltraFleer/Skybox
Spiderman 99cFleer/Skybox
Spiderman Movie (A4 Foldout)Topps
Spiderman Premium 96 (A4 Foldout)Fleer/Skybox
Spiderman, UPC Codes, pack,box,caseFleer/Skybox
Spongebob Squarepants, Aquatic Amigos TCGUpper Deck
Sports illustraded 2004 SwimsuitStellar
Sports illustraded 2006 SwimsuitStellar
Star Trek Master Series 1994 (A4 Folded Poster)Skybox
Star Trek, 30 Years, Phase 3 PromoFleer/Skybox
Star Trek, 35th AnniversaryRittenhouse
Star Trek, Animated AdventuresRittenhouse
Star Trek, CCG, All Good Things…Decipher
Star Trek, CCG, Blaze of GloryDecipher
Star Trek, CCG, Deep Space NineDecipher
Star Trek, CCG, Deep Space Nine (A4 Foldout Poster)Decipher
Star Trek, CCG, Enhanced PremiereDecipher
Star Trek, CCG, First ContactDecipher
Star Trek, CCG, First Contact (A4, 4-fold, Banner Poster / Card List)Decipher
Star Trek, CCG, Holodeck AdventuresDecipher
Star Trek, CCG, Mirror, MirrorDecipher
Star Trek, CCG, Official Tournament Sealed DeckDecipher
Star Trek, CCG, Q-ContinuumDecipher
Star Trek, CCG, Rules of Acquisition (A4 Foldout Poster)Decipher
Star Trek, CCG, Second AnthologyDecipher
Star Trek, CCG, Second EditionDecipher
Star Trek, CCG, The BorgDecipher
Star Trek, CCG, The DominionDecipher
Star Trek, CCG, The Dominion (A4 Foldout Poster)Decipher
Star Trek, CCG, The Trouble with TribblesDecipher
Star Trek, CCG, Tribbles 2 - 4 Player GameDecipher
Star Trek, Cinema 2000Fleer/Skybox
Star Trek, DS9, CompleteRittenhouse
Star Trek, DS9, Memories from the Future (A4 Foldout)Fleer/Skybox
Star Trek, DS9, ProfilesFleer/Skybox
Star Trek, Enterprise Season 1Rittenhouse
Star Trek, Enterprise Season 3Rittenhouse
Star Trek, Enterprise Season 4Rittenhouse
Star Trek, Insurection (A4 Foldout)Fleer/Skybox
Star Trek, NemesisRittenhouse
Star Trek, The Card GameFleer/Skybox
Star Trek, The Card Game, Alien Encounters Expansion SetFleer/Skybox
Star Trek, The Card Game, Booster Pack, "Fact Sheet" B/WFleer/Skybox
Star Trek, TNG, ProfilesFleer/Skybox
Star Trek, TNG, Season 5, "Darmok" P1 PrototypeFleer/Skybox
Star Trek, TNG, Season 5, (Letter Head)Fleer/Skybox
Star Trek, TNG, Season 6, B/W "Dealer only Skymotion Cards"Fleer/Skybox
Star Trek, TNG, Season 6, Collector AlbumFleer/Skybox
Star Trek, TNG, Season 6, Set to Stun March 26,1997Fleer/Skybox
Star Trek, TNG, Season 7 (A4 Foldout)Fleer/Skybox
Star Trek, TOS 40th AnniversaryRittenhouse
Star Trek, TOS 40th Anniversary, Series 2Rittenhouse
Star Trek, TOS in MotionRittenhouse
Star Trek, TOS QuotableRittenhouse
Star Trek, TOS, Season 1Fleer/Skybox
Star Trek, TOS, Season 2 "Autographs"Fleer/Skybox
Star Trek, TOS, Season 2 (A4 Foldout)Fleer/Skybox
Star Trek, TOS, Season 3 (A4 Foldout)Fleer/Skybox
Star Trek, Vogager, ProfilesFleer/Skybox
Star Trek, Voyager, Closer to Home (A4 Foldout)Fleer/Skybox
Star Trek, Voyager, CompleteRittenhouse
Star Trek, Voyager, Profiles (A4 Foldout)Fleer/Skybox
Star Trek, Voyager, Women ofRittenhouse
Star Trek, Women of in MotionRittenhouse
Star Wars, 3DiTopps
Star Wars, Art of Ralph McQuarrie Metal Cardsmetallic Impressions
Star Wars, Attack of the Clones (A4 Tri-fold Poster)Topps
Star Wars, Attack of the Clones (Movie Card Tins)Topps
Star Wars, Attack of the Clones Widevision (A4 Foldout)Topps
Star Wars, Attack of the Clones Widevision, Episode 2 Auto'sTopps
Star Wars, CCG CoruscantDecipher
Star Wars, CCG Dagobah Revised EditionDecipher
Star Wars, CCG Death Star 2Decipher
Star Wars, CCG EndorDecipher
Star Wars, CCG Enhanced Jabba's PalaceDecipher
Star Wars, CCG Jabba's PalaceDecipher
Star Wars, CCG Jabba's Palace Sealed DeckDecipher
Star Wars, CCG Official Tournament Sealed DeckDecipher
Star Wars, CCG Reflections Decipher
Star Wars, CCG Reflections (Came with sample pack on front)Decipher
Star Wars, CCG Reflections 2Decipher
Star Wars, CCG Reflections 3Decipher
Star Wars, CCG Theed PalaceDecipher
Star Wars, CCG, (A4, 4-fold, banner poster)Decipher
Star Wars, CCG, A New Hope (A4, 4-fold, banner poster / Card List)Decipher
Star Wars, CCG, Dagobah (A4, 4-fold, banner poster / Card List)Decipher
Star Wars, CCG, ESB Hoth (A4, 4-fold, banner poster / Card List)Decipher
Star Wars, CCG, Jabba's Palace (A4, 4-fold, banner poster / Card List)Decipher
Star Wars, CCG, Jabba's Palace (A4, 9-fold poster)Decipher
Star Wars, CCG, Special Edition (A4, 4-fold, banner poster / Card List)Decipher
Star Wars, Chrome ArchivesTopps
Star Wars, Episode 1 (Uk Issue,Slightly bigger than A4)Merlin / Topps
Star Wars, Episode 1 WidevisionTopps
Star Wars, ESB TCG "Now Available" (Window Cling)Wizards
Star Wars, Evolution (A4 Foldout)Topps
Star Wars, Jedi Knights TCG "Sold Here" (Window Cling)Decipher
Star Wars, Jedi Knights TCG (A4 Foldout)Decipher
Star Wars, Jedi Knights TCG (A4 poster)Decipher
Star Wars, Jedi Knights TCG League KitDecipher
Star Wars, Jedi Knights TCG Scum and VillainyDecipher
Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith Movie Cards (A4 Foldout)Topps
Star Wars, ROTJ WidevisionTopps
Star Wars, Shadows of the Empire (A4 Foldout)Topps
Star Wars, Trilogy Special EditionTopps
Star Wars, VehiclesTopps
Star Wars, Young Jedi CCG Decipher
Star Wars, Young Jedi CCG Battle of NabooDecipher
Star Wars, Young Jedi CCG Boonta Eve PodraceDecipher
Star Wars, Young Jedi CCG Enhanced Menace of Darth MaulDecipher
Star Wras, Young Jedi CCG Enhanced Battle of NabooDecipher
Star Wras, Young Jedi CCG The Jedi CouncilDecipher
Stargate, Premiere EditionRittenhouse
Stargate, Season 5Rittenhouse
Stargate, Season 6Rittenhouse
Stargate, Season 7Rittenhouse
Stargate, Season 8Rittenhouse
Stargate, Season 9Rittenhouse
Superman Action PacksSkybox
Supernatural Season 1Inkworks
Survivor TCGUpper Deck
Tattoo ArtInLine
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Folded)Regina
The Phantom (A4 foldout)Inkworks
The TenthKrome
The Tenth ,Mega Card Preview SetKrome
The TickComic Images
The World is Not Enough, James BondInkworks
Titan AEInkworks
Tomb RaiderInkworks
Tomb Raider, 2nd Expansion Big Guns CCG Precedence
Tomb Raider, The Cradle of LifeInkworks
Toy StoryFleer/Skybox
Tv's Coolest Classics, Volume OneInkworks
Twilight Zone, Premiere EditionRittenhouse
Twilight Zone, Series 4Rittenhouse
Ultimate AnimeComic Images
Vampirella Master VisionTopps
Vampress LuxuraKrome
Van HelsingComic Images
Video Vixens 2Decisive Marketing
WCW / NOW (A4 Folded)Topps
WCW EmbossedTopps
WCW Nitro CCGWizards
WCW Nitro Hardcore CCGWizards
Wheel of Time CCGPrecedence
Wheel of Time, Children of the Dragon (A4 x3 Tri-fold) CCGPrecedence
Wheel of Time, Dark Prophecies CCGPrecedence
Wheel of Time, Second Edition CCGPrecedence
Wild West, Art of Mort KunstlerKeepsake Collectibles
Wild Wild West, Movie (A4 Foldout)Skybox
Wildstorm Set 2 / Barbwire Chromium PosterWildstorm
Wildstorm Swimsuits / Art of ChiodoWildstorm
William Stout, Saurians & SorceressComic Images
Witchblade, The MovieInkworks
Wizard of OzBreygent
Wizards in Training (A4 Foldout) CCGUpper Deck
Wizards in Training, Prize Potions Expansion CCGUpper Deck
Women of James Bond in MotionRittenhouse
Women of James Bond,SupervueInkworks
WWE Absolute DivasFleer
WWE Raw Deal, Ruthless Aggression, Two-Player CCGComic Images
WWE Raw Deal, Survivor Series 3 CCGComic Images
WWE Raw vs WWE Smack DownFleer
WWE Royal RumbleFleer
WWE Velocity CCGComic Images
WWF All AccessFleer
WWF Raw Deal , Fully Loaded, Expansion #1 CCGComic Images
WWF Raw Deal Mania CCGComic Images
WWF Raw Deal, Backlash CCGComic Images
WWF Raw Deal, Summer Slam CCGComic Images
WWF Raw is WarFleer
WWF Ultimate Diva CollectionFleer
WWF Wrestle ManiaFleer
WWF Wrestle Mania Live, PhotocardsComic Images
Xena, Art & ImagesRittenhouse
Xena, Beauty & BrawnRittenhouse
Xena, QuotableRittenhouse
Xena, Season 6Rittenhouse
Xena, Seasons 4 and 5Rittenhouse
Xena, Series 1Topps
Xena, Series 2Topps
X-Files CCG "Coming Fall 1996" (Foldout Poster)USPC
X-Files CCG "The Truth is Out There"USPC
X-Files CCG Deck BoxUSPC
X-Files CCG Premiere Edition (A4 Foldout)USPC
X-Files, Season 3Topps
X-Files, Season 4 & 5Inkworks
X-Files, Season 6 & 7Inkworks
X-Files, Season 8Inkworks
X-Files, Season 9Inkworks
X-Files, Showcase Topps
X-Men 95 Fleer Ultra (A4 Foldout)Fleer
X-Men 97, TimelinesFleer/Skybox
X-Men 99cFleer/Skybox
X-Men Fleer Ultra (A4 Foldout)Fleer
X-Men TCGWizards
X-Men WolverineFleer/Skybox
X-Men, The MovieTopps
Yugioh, "Hobby Store League" (A4 Foldout Poster) TCGUpper Deck
Yugioh, Collectible Tins CCGUpper Deck
Yugioh, Collectible Tins,Window Cling CCGUpper Deck
Yugioh, Elemental Energy (A4 Foldout Poster) TCGUpper Deck
Yugioh, Elemental Energy CCGUpper Deck
Yugioh, Magic Ruler TCG (Smaller Size)Upper Deck
Yugioh, Pharaoh's Servant TCG (Small Size)Upper Deck

Wolfie 02-15-2010 02:43 PM

Rob pm sent.

robspromos 12-13-2010 07:36 AM

Made a few changes.

ErikTheArchitect 12-13-2010 07:01 PM

Looks like you have a good master list started. And that is just your Trade list! Wow.

robspromos 01-29-2011 09:55 AM

Just picked up another 500 spare sheets while on holiday.

I guess i'll have to update the list now. :crap:

ErikTheArchitect 01-29-2011 04:03 PM


Originally Posted by robspromos (Post 8829)
Just picked up another 500 spare sheets while on holiday.

I guess i'll have to update the list now. :crap:

I only have about 50 in my collection!

HAVLOCK 02-02-2011 03:58 AM


Originally Posted by robspromos (Post 8829)
Just picked up another 500 spare sheets while on holiday.

I guess i'll have to update the list now. :crap:

Holy Moly!
Are the 500 sheets each different?
Just where did you go on this holiday rob, to a card convention?

robspromos 02-03-2011 04:46 AM

Hi Joey, no not all the sheets are different, there's quite a few multipuls.

Out of those 500 sheets i thought maybe 10 were definite needs, but it turns out there were 20 i needed and some of those i thought i had already, lucky i checked:D

While on holidays i'm always on the hunt.:cool:

doggo 08-07-2012 11:42 AM

wcw nitro hardcore cards
Do you or anyone you know have the wizards wcw nitro cards hardcore set for sale and would you ship to England?

redroyx 09-04-2015 10:00 AM


pmed you re sell sheets.

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