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Here are images of the 31 metal sketch cards that will be randomly inserted in packs and sets of Spellcasters II. These artists also have 1 metal Artist Proof each. Good luck to everyone. The artists are as following.

Alexis Sarah Hill, Amy Clark Anderson, Amy Pronovost, Carolyn Edwards

Chris Meeks, Collette Turner, Craig Yeung, Danielle Ellison

Danielle Gransaull, Elaine Perna, Gabrielle Bruer, Hanie Mohd

Ingrid Hardy, Jeena Pepersack, John Monserrat, Juri H. Chinchilla

Kat Laurange, Kate Bradley, Leah Mangue, Lynne Anderson

Mel Uran, Mick and Matt Glebe, Mike Hartigan, Molly Brewer

Oliver Castaneda, Optic Nerve, Samantha Johnson, Sean Pence

Sha-Nee Williams, Stacey Kardash, Tony Perna

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